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Are you stuck wondering how to choose a door for your home? There are so many options on the market, it can be hard to understand which brands are the most reliable and energy efficient. Murphy’s is here to help. Let’s talk about how to choose a new door for your home!

When considering options for front doors there are basically three options: steel, fiberglass and wood.


In terms of affordability, steel doors are ranked the least expensive option for homeowners. Steel doors will hold paint for a very long time. They are manufactured with a foam core which provides excellent insulation. Also because of the steel exterior they are fire resistant and maintaining a steel door is quite simple. Steel doors start at around $150-$250.


Fiberglass doors are typically purchased because they have an outward appearance of wood but do not have the cost or maintenance which come from a wood door.Fiberglass doors range between $275-$600 for a common six-panel door. Fiberglass is known for its excellent insulation and has an amazing amount of styles and textures to choose from.


Wood doors are the most popular choice with the highest ticket price. When choosing a wood door there are many different types of wood to choose from making it easy to customize and compliment your home.Wood will allow for stains or paint. Wood doors start at around $750 and can cost much more depending upon style and material chosen.


When considering a particular product for your front door, sliding patio door or storm door there are four choices available through Murphy’s.

Albany Door Company Inc.

Albany Door Company is a local manufacturer whose reputation and commitment to quality is unmatched. They are known for their outstanding hand stained finishes which provide a real wood look. Albany will precisely fit a door for every home and their pricing and commitment to quality are unsurpassed.

Home Guard Industries Inc.

Beauty. Home Guard Industries Doors are made in Grabill Indiana which is the center of Amish country. Home Guard Entry Systems are hand stained which provides a custom finish and will accent the many decorative glass and complimentary hardware options.

Safety.Home Guard Steel Entry Doors are manufactured using an all steel 22-guage door which is considerably heavier than others.Home Guard Doors offer security steel door frames, deadbolts, locks and safety glass.

Energy. Home Guard Entry Doors have a certified Energy Rating of 15.1 which ranks it as one of the best-insulated doors available.


ProVia is a well-known manufacturer based outside of Sugarcreek Ohio. This company began in a small garage back in 1977. It now employs more than 400 people and sells one of the best products on the market today. MURPHY’S WINDOW and SUNROOMS is the ahead of all other Chicago based door companies in terms of sales of ProVia products.

ProVia doors are made in three models: SIGNET FIBERGLASS, HERITAGE FIBERGLASS, and LEGACY STEEL. All ProVia doors are custom quality made to fit each home entryway exactly.

For those seeking the finest quality door made offering 16 paint finishes and an endless selection of hardware and glass options, ProVia is the company for you.


Therma Tru was the first door manufacturer to introduce a fiberglass entry door. These doors look like wood but have the durability of fiberglass. Therma Tru began in 1962 when a retired Owens Corning executive bought a failing supply company in Toledo Ohio. Forty years later Therma Tru has become a leader in fiberglass door manufacturing.

Therma Tru Fiberglass doors stand alone in performance as they will not split, crack, rot dent or rust like true wood or steel doors can. Six different styles and a large variety of colors offers a large variety of options which allows for a custom design for your front entry.

As current homeowners are looking for the most cost-effective investments for their home, Therma Tru is a wise choice.

If you’re looking for more advice on how to choose a door that is right for your home, contact our team of home professionals today! We’re here to help with all your exteriors renovations needs.