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Looking instead for Marvin Wood Windows?

Integrity Windows and Doors from Marvin are one of most revolutionary products on the market today and are available in two distinct categoreies: All Ultrex and Wood Ultrex.

All Marvin Integrity windows and doors are manufactured using Ultrex, a proprietary frame creation made of pultruded fiberglass. Strong, glass cables are coated with a resin. This combination is pultruded and the end result is a material that outperforms traditional vinyl and rolled form aluminum windows. But Marvin does not stop there with the process. The Marvin Integrity patented window finishing system applies an acrylic cap over the already created Ultrex material. This acrylic cap bonds directly to the Ultrex material during the curing process and the end result is an exterior covering that is over three times that of their competition. It is incredibly resistant to scratching, marring, or dings. This finishing process also limits ultraviolet degradation to the material. With a patented UV inhibitor during the finishing process, Marvin Integrity Windows and Doors are hands down the most resistant to adverse weather conditions of any product on the market today. This allows them to create colors like bronze (Dark Brown) and ebony (Black) as part of their standard color offering.

The Marvin Integrity All Ultrex Series features a factory finished exterior and interior while the Wood Ultrex Series features a factory finished exterior and real wood interior. This allows their end user to paint or stain the windows to match the exact home motif and décor.

The standard exterior finishes for Marvin Integrity Windows & Doors are stone white, pebble gray, cashmere, bronze, evergreen, and ebony (black). The Marvin Integrity All Ultrex always comes factory finished in white while the Marvin Integrity Wood Ultrex features an unfinished pine interior or pre-finished in white.  The beauty of both series is that either can be finished by the clients upon installation. If white is not the color you desire, it can be painted to match a room décor.

If you are in the market for Marvin Integrity Windows and Doors, look no further than the Murphy Window team. We will bring your vision to reality.