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Chicagoland weather can be brutal.  Even more so when your house is leaking heated or cooled air that you paid for.

An audit starts simply with a conversation with you! Let us know about comfort issues within your home that concern you and we will go from there. We test the air tightness, insulation, ventilation and combustion safety of your home. All homes are different, though it is interesting to note that there is a strong correlation of efficiency in neighborhoods resulting from builder preferences during construction. We will consider all of these factors so we can help pinpoint where the holes are.

Our thorough inspection includes:

  • Homeowner Interview
  • Exterior Walk Around
  • Interior Walk Around with Basement and Attic observations
  • Duct System Inspection
  • Combustion Safety Testing with your Furnace/Boiler and Water Heater
  • Combustion Appliance Testing
  • Blower Door test to monitor connectivity/leakage between different zones of your home.
  • Thermal Imaging walkthrough of your home to spot hidden leak/inefficiencies and to confirm spots picked up by previous steps.

From there, we prioritize a work scope that details the most cost-effective recommendations, specify materials and techniques, carefully tag and recommend solutions to any hazards noticed, and list any recommended diagnostic tests to be performed. We coordinate with any contractor doing the work and always verify quality.

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