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Difference in pressures between different rooms.

Jean & Robert Ardmore, Homeowners

Murphy’s was contacted by Jean and Robert Ardmore after a quality window project was completed by our team. The Ardmore’s had some serious issues with the building envelope of their home. They had leaky doors and poor ventilation and their energy bills were excessive. James Murphy recommended a BPI certified energy audit. Doug Pruess, a BPI certified auditor at Murphy’s, performed a complete home energy audit. This included a blower door test and a detailed analysis of the HVAC system, home roof, attic, combustion system, and entire building envelope. Doug took pictures of the problem areas and created a detailed report of recommended improvements. Upon reviewing the report, the Ardmore’s air-sealed and insulated their attic, replaced their heating and air-conditioning system, and sealed a small carbon monoxide leak. They saved over 28% on their energy bill and are budgeting for more efficient improvements in the near future. Our team is estimating a full investment recoup in less than 5 years.

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