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Thermal image shows under-insulated wall cavity

Let us provide a roadmap to your home’s energy efficiency.

We have long realized that windows are only one component of both your home’s energy performance and your comfort. We have taken a stance to improve your home’s efficiency the right way: through intensive training and the best products on the market. We are proud to have both a BPI-certifed Building Analyst and Shell Specialist on staff to help you walk through the symptoms of your home to find the most cost effective way of increasing comfort and reducing energy bills.

At Murphy’s Windows Weatherization Division we are dedicated to providing homeowners, builders, contractors and everyone in between with accurate, unbiased, and knowledgeable information regarding the efficiency of their home or project. Every year there is a push from energy providers to increase prices, and then an even bigger push by plumbers, HVAC, window companies, appliance manufacturers and others to offer you “the one way” to make your home more efficient. In reality it is an array of different components that combine to accomplish this goal, but rarely do all of these different skilled trades work in tandem to such effect. A reputable contractor will aim to max out the efficiency of his/her component in your house (which s/he should!) but sadly this often comes without any consideration as to the global effect on the other energy-related components of the house, let alone the numerous safety issues that can arise. With an energy performance audit, you will have a “roadmap” of what home improvement opportunities would reduce your energy footprint. Our use of blower doors and state-of-the-art thermal imaging equipment to “see” inside the different planes of your house allows you to make educated decisions on your family’s home.  Most audits include a return visit as a quality control to see how your house responded to the work.

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