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Oak Park Multi Family Project using Weathershield Visions custom PVC Replacement Windows

Rosemont Greenview Association
Window style: Pella Architect Series

Murphy’s was contacted by the members of the Rosemont Greenview Association to provide a complete window replacement solution. The existing windows were oversized with custom simulated divided lite grille patterns. After detailed research, Murphy’s recommended the Pella Architect Series product. Murphy’s met with the Pella team to ensure accurate sizing, window grille profile, and color conformity. The final result was a seamless installation and a very satisfied homeowner group. Thank you, Dan Ignash and the Pella team, for helping us ensure success.

220 Washington Project (Oak Park)
Window style: Weathershield Visions

Murphy’s was selected by ESCO properties to install 910 windows for the Washington complex in Oak Park. The Murphy’s team headed by production manager, Doug Pruess, ultimately recommended the Weathershield Visions product for the project. The primary concerns for the management company were meeting budget requirements, thermal efficiency, maintaining the original look of the 1920’s construction, and limiting product wear-and-tear by tenants. The Murphy’s team met with the Village of Oak Park, providing detailed product specifications to ensure village architectural conformity requirements. In plan review, Murphy’s recommended single-hung units to ESCO. These windows are more efficient than traditional double-hung units and with a stationary top sash. Murphy’s also consulted with the Weathershield team for an internal grille solution (no cleaning required). This helped maintain the “look” of the building while again limiting the potential for ongoing product maintenance as the grilles are secured between the glass panes. The project was successfully completed and ESCO and their tenants are ecstatic with the work. ESCO has reported back to Murphy’s with very pleasing energy cost savings reports. We are pleased with not only a successful installation but a project that will pay for itself through energy savings in the years to come.

University Commons Condo Association
Window style: FiberFrame

The Murphy’s team met with the University Commons Condo Association when they began researching a complete window replacement project. The key factors with this project were strict adherence to architectural specifications, increased energy efficiency, and elimination of exterior window maintenance. The driving motivation behind the project was yearly patchwork, inability for unit owners to clean their windows, broken window components, and excessive monthly fuel costs.

Multiple meetings with board members and individual unit owners revealed a disconnect in what the association wanted as a whole. Many wanted to preserve their original interior wood look while others wanted maintenance free units in and out. Murphy’s recommended Fiberframe custom fiberglass windows with a maintenance free factory finished interior and Pella Architect Series wood windows. With the Pella option, clients had a choice between staining or painting the interior. Murphy’s ordered two sample units from both Pella and Fiberframe to confirm that the frame and sash settings of the window were uniform so the exterior integrity of the building would not be compromised. The product was a perfect match and the project was a go!

Murphy’s worked out a detailed production schedule over the course of 4 installation phases. A total of 30 units were completed compromising more than 400 energy efficient windows. The end result was a seamless blend of efficiency, beauty, and most importantly, another happy client group.

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