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Hussey Year Round Wall Enclosure in Bronze featuring InLine Fiberglass Replacement Sliding Windows and lower glass kick panels  Palos IL

Our Mission and Promise to You

To be the best home improvement retailer in the United States and be recognized as such by the industry and the communities we serve.

The Murphy Difference

We know that being the best means being different. The customer has a choice in where they want to spend their hard-earned dollars and we want to make that choice easy and painless.

The “Murphy Difference” is our commitment to an unparalleled, uncompromising quality of customer service and is demonstrated through our actions and attitudes of caring and quality work. It is the sense of pride in who we are and what we represent. The “Murphy Difference” is a core group of individuals with unique skills working as a team to better serve our customers.

The Murphy Philosophy

The customer is our reason for being and therefore it is both a privilege and responsibility to create an extraordinary environment for the customer to become educated and confident in his/her purchase. We work everyday on Americans’ most important asset — their home — and there is never a compromise in quality nor our determination to improve their quality of life.

The Murphy Beliefs

We believe ultimate satisfaction and excellence in customer service are our top priorities and our key competitive advantage. When there is a problem, we fix it. And in the end we ensure the client complete satisfaction.

We believe efficiency, discipline, and keen attention to detail set Murphy’s apart. It’s our name on the line. We understand it, we appreciate it, and we live it day to day.

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